Best Cyber Security Android/iPhone Apps

Best Cyber Security Android/iPhone Apps



Top 5 best cyber securities and internet privacy Apps: Thieves, Malware, trackers, eavesdroppers and Torjans are the name of threats. Although Smartphone’s went mainstream since decade but these problems haven’t gone yet and even they become worst. More than half of app users have decided and uninstalled the app due to personal security concern. If you are also more concerned about cyber security and internet privacy then following some great Smartphone apps are listed which will give you some peace of mind.


Silent circle’s Silent Phone: In the privacy biz the silent circle is the leading name. The app can be used by the business client and individuals. This app let you make private calls with conference capability and full video. Silent text which is a companion app is also available. It has some features like, great call quality, ideal for the privacy obsessed, open source encryption and no need to import contacts already on your device.


Noot: This app does not required signup at all like other news readers. The makers of this app is believes that people should be allowed to access topics and news on their smart phones without having their personal data sold and tracked. The app has scan able headlines, limited distractions, create multiple streams.


Sophos: According to PC worlds article there are unlimited numbers of mobile applications which are infected with malware from 2011 to 2013. In order to provide full internet security this app is quite awesome which helps to scan for threats and develop healthy security in your Smartphone. It support remote commands like, alarm, wipe, lock, message to finder, locate, reset pass code.


Cyber dust: This app is quite similar to Snapchat although some key differences are there. Video chatting is not supported by this app but it’s coming soon. This app has no character limits on chat which makes it great. It supports GIFs and also allows you to add text over the images, screenshot detection, fee app, messages are fully encrypted.


Cloak VPN for iPhone: Cloak is VPN service which allows you to use of safe public Wi-Fi. Cloak stands out because of fast, funny and friendly customer service. First you will get 30 days free trial after that you have to pay some little amount for further use. Currently this app is not available for android devices. It has intuitive design, it keeps all your browsing history safe and secure on public Wi-Fi, simple and fast to get started, it is very reliable, auto secure on unfamiliar or non trusted networks.